It’s All About Organization

Organization is one of the keys to re-gaining financial stability. To determine the type of bankruptcy that might be right for you, it’s essential to have your facts close at hand… and accurate at all times.

The downloadable Bankruptcy Evaluation Worksheet (PDF format) can help you calculate what you own, who you owe it to — and most importantly — HOW MUCH.

Before making your appointment with the Bankruptcy Law Center lawyer, please complete the Bankruptcy Evaluation Worksheet and then bring it with you. Be sure to also bring unfolded copies of all your bills (no duplicates).

We need to know about ALL your creditors and the debts you owe. Also, bring a list of any other creditors, indicating name, address and ZIP code, the type of debt, and the approximate amount owed.

Please CLICK HERE to download the worksheet.

You will need the following essential information to file the bankruptcy petition: The value of your personal property

The names and addresses of your creditors, the amounts you owe them, plus the pay-off statements for cars and mortgages

A budget showing how much money you bring home every month, plus a list of your expenses


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