Netfix Customers Target of Phishing Scam

As of March 11, 2014, yes, just a few days ago, The Better Business Bureau says Netflix subscribers are the target of a new phishing scam.

The BBB says thieves are trying to lead Netflix users to click onto a fraudulent webpage that resembles the Netflix login.  That website and a fake customer service number they give are then used to gain access to your computer.

Inquiring minds must wonder if this Trojan Netflix Horse is one way in for the Ransom Hackers?

The Better Business Bureau reminds you to never click on links in unsolicited emails.  And always check a company’s phone number with what’s posted on their official webpage.

If you get a company email, it only takes a minute longer to use a fresh browser window to take you to the same page listed on the email. If the page and the email are real. Just yesterday, I helped a client discover the Google Adwords email he received threatening to suspend his ads unless he “click[ed] here” was a fraud. But we diud so by logging into his account from a clean browser window.

And, as always, send these to the fraud department at your ISP or the company used as the Trojan Horse in the scam. In that way, we can out more of these BEFORE more consumers are duped.

Now, save a fellow consumer, pass it on.


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