Exposure to toxins—like the well-reported mercury in tuna—is as prevalent in some fish, as well as antibiotics (some of which have been banned in the United States), pesticides, and PCBs. Those are all before the natural contaminants of parasites and E coli found in some farm fisheries.

The nonprofit, Food and Water Watch, looked at all the varieties of fish, how species are farmed, levels of toxic contaminants like mercury or PCBs in the fish, Here are recommended fish that all of us should avoid, no matter what, and some suggestions for replacement options.

Check the out Rondale News “10 Healthiest Fish on the Planet” for info on some other great fish to include in your diet.

Imported Catfish. Imported from Vietnam and Increased exposure to antibiotics banned in US. Stick to domestic, farm-raised catfish.

American Eel. Frequently used in sushi. Increased exposure to mercury and PCBs. Recommended Atlantic or Pacific squid.

Imported Shrimp. So many disgusting facts. Ew. Antibiotics, E coli, chemicals have been detected. Stick to Domestic Shrimp. Oregon Pink Shrimp is especially recommended because of the strict guidelines on marine fisheries.

Atlantic Salmon. Over-crowding in farmed-salmon pens increasing parasites and increased antibiotic and pesticide use. Substitute Wild Alaskan Salmon.

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. Highest level of mercury of any type of tuna. If you can’t live without tuna, try American or Canadian tuna, but no more than 2x a week.

Chilean Sea Bass. So over-fished they could be commercially extinct within the next 5 years. Recommend U.S. Haddock.