Clark Howard, consumer-centric radio host, reported yesterday newly announced plans from Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. The new plans advertise major savings for the consumer, however, comments on the blog give you the next layer of info, which are true and which are scams. breaks down the new advertised plans, rates and the breakdown of how some of these plans will only dig deeper into the pockets of Data Hogs. Know they usage.

But the real story is in the comments section. The Sprint Family Plan advertises 10 lines and 20G of data per month for $100. But according to a consumer who tried to take advantage of the savings, this plan requires consumers to pay for phones monthly, upping the plan to current average rates. Another commenter followed up with accusations of Sprint running junk software in the background to run up data usage. Nothing like overage charges to run up a phone bill!

Clark Howard and his commenters give us the full picture on what’s a deal and what is just advertised. Check out the full article and comments here.