Consumer Reports Slams Nutri Bullet 900 Pro Blender

Today I read a Consumer Reports like no other. Consumer Reports slams the blender maker of the Nutri Bullet Pro 900. The report first pointed to the failed durability test. When the Nutri Bullet 900 was used to crush 4 large ice cubes a bit of the blade broke off. This happened with the backup blade as well. The chip of the blade was small enough to be ingested and cause serious damage. The very polite jabs from Consumer Reports came after contacting the company and getting back a reply [...]

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Dr. Oz Miracle Diet Supplements Too Good to Be True

Oprah Winfrey dubbed Dr. Oz “America’s Doctor.” well, “America’s Doctor” just appeared before a Senate Hearing Committee to discuss his endorsements of diet supplements and their supposed “miraculous” benefits. And what came out will shock you. It seems there is a Dr. oz effect. Apparently, once Dr. oz discusses a new miraculous (and yet scientifically unresearched) diet supplement, scammers come out of the woodwork offering the supplements and raking in the money. We Americans trust “America’s Doctor” and his opinions. But according to Dr. oz himself, these miraculous results are [...]

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Get Cash For Your Old Cell, Tablet & Apple Laptops

Need a few extra bucks this summer? That’s nothing a little house cleaning can’t help. Grab those old cell phones, tablets, iPads, and Apple laptops because–whether they’re working or not–they’re worth cash! Gazelle.com offers fixed prices for working equipment. Enter the gadget information (model, operating system, memory) and condition. Gazelle will give you an immediate quote that is good for the next 30 days. Then send your device to receive a check in one week. iPhones get a great return rate ($310 quote for an iPhone 5), unless they are too old. [...]

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If You Get What You Pay For, Our Elders Are Screwed

Our elders—grandparents, aging parents–require assistance with daily living activities, after a certain threshold. Even the most active seniors will, if the live long enough, reach an age where they require help dressing, showering, cooking, cleaning and depending on health, possibly even diaper changes. Though some dedicated and loving kids do all of this caregiving alone (not easy.) Most require a Home Care Assistant to help them on a regular basis. Even with such help, the amount of work left for the “kids” to do is fairly time consuming. But the [...]

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Dog Jerky Treats Recalled After Killing 1000 Dogs

Jerk Treats imported from China are linked to more than 1000 dog deaths, 24 cat deaths and 3 people getting sick. Two of those people were toddlers who ingested the jerky treats accidentally. One toddler was diagnosed with salmonella, the other child developed fever and gastrointestinal illness that mirrored the house dog’s ailments. The FDA has received about 1800 reports of pet illness since last October, bringing the total count of reported dog illnesses to 5600 dogs. About 60% of the cases of dog illness included gastrointestinal distress, liver disease [...]

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Paid by Debit Card? Just Say, “No.”

Has your employer offered to pay you via a debit card? If so ask for another option or you could be losing your hard-earned money to pay hidden fees. Employers are flocking to the idea of paying employees by debit cards and banks are offering employers great discounts to do it. Employers are saving on check printing and with bank discounts the savings to employers continue to rise, while hidden fees past on to the employee whistle away their hard earned money. Banks offer these deep discounts because these debit [...]

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